Jewelry Startup Marketing That Outperform Any Paid Marketing Strategy

I’m going to reveal a strategy that has 100% success rate among a few customers my digital marketing agency is managing. This strategy is completely done by the owners of the business with zero money invested in Marketing, and zero Knowledge about it.

This specific jewelry startup marketing strategy outperforms our paid marketing strategy, but it can be also empowered by paid marketing strategies once you have a budget for it.

This summer we started to work with a jewelry start-up from United States. They have beautiful jewelry, but they were straggling to make 2-$3 in revenue a month.

Now after three months this start-up is making 40K thousand dollars in revenue a month. Wich is a really great jump in a short period.

Let me explain, step by step, so you can understand and implement for your business as well.

Step number one is to find a dominator, a person who has influence on a large group of people with specific interests.

Step number two is to ask for a partnership. This partnership requires you to create a specific jewelry collection or product in collaboration with the dominator. The product or should be related to the influencer style or interests.

Once you agreed on the product and contract signed. The influencer takes the responsibility to be a part of your brand and promote the product. And your responsibility is to ensure transparency and pay a 20-30% profit margin from the product-related transactions.

Of course, people send by influencer will be ordering other products. But you pay only for the product you created through the collaboration.

This way influencer can make a thousand of dollars monthly, and you will enjoy rapid brand growth without investing money in marketing.

This strategy is scalable, it means that you can approach more influencers and create specific collections or products together.

Also, once you start making money you can back-up this strategy with your paid digital marketing. This will guarantee you profitable results from paid advertising, from the start.

Now all, you need to do is find an influencer with a huge amount of real followers. Think about a design that she or her audience will enjoy wearing.

Make some sketches of the design. Send it to the influencer, and ask if she or he wants to learn more about your idea so you can partner together.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of content and if you need help with proven digital marketing strategies. My team and I can help you.

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Thank you!

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