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Engagement Ring Advertising Examples That Work The Best

An engagement ring represents a significant moment in the life of a couple. It symbolizes love and commitment between two people. But with so many to choose from, how do you market yours?

The price of an engagement ring is at least 50% higher than its real value, making it one of the most profitable items sold by jewelry brands. How can your brand benefit from this and increase your sales? It’s simple. Follow the lead of successful brands already advertising engagement rings.

Engagement Ring Advertising by Brands

Taylor & Hart Teach You How to Master Engagement Ring Advertising

As a part of their strategy, Taylor & Hart use Facebook Messenger Advertising to communicate with potential clients and increase sales. With over 133 million users in 2020, Facebook Messenger is a communication channel that can provide a huge opportunity to improve your marketing strategy.

When it comes to luxury products, people will always prefer to buy from the brands that they trust. For premium products, just saying you’re trustworthy isn’t enough. You need social proof.

Taylor & Hart’s advertising successfully demonstrates this by including awards, reviews and recognition. They highlight recognition from brands such as Forbes and Amazon, awards from companies like Trustpilot, and reviews from customers. Displaying this level of social proof has a huge impact on increasing their trustworthiness in the eyes of their audience.

Another part of their strategy is the promotion of bespoke rings that give a sense of identity and uniqueness. People will pay a premium to have something personal, and with so much emotion wrapped up in the act of getting engaged, people are willing to spend even more.

Taylor & Hart’s Benefit Program

Taylor & Hart offer customers the opportunity not only to create their dream engagement ring but also to receive a plethora of benefits. This is the major marketing strategy used by this brand, and boosts the perceived value of their products.


  • 90-Day Returns Policy — if the customer is not satisfied with their ring, Taylor & Hart offer them the ability to return the product
  • Free Resizing — if the customer purchases the wrong sized ring, the brand will change it
  • Free Worldwide Shipping — customers can enjoy free delivery anywhere in the world
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty — they offer a lifetime warranty giving the audience confidence in the quality of their products
  • Interest-free Finance Options — Taylor & Hart offer financing plans to help remove financial barriers to purchasing their rings
  • GIA Graded Diamonds — the quality of the diamonds used is certified by the most well-known institute in the field, GIA (Gemological Institute of America)
  • Complimentary Design — the client can personalize their engagement ring according to their requirements
  • Luxury Packaging — the brand makes the product unpacking experience a memorable one

All of these benefits make a ring from Taylor & Hart much more valuable than one from many of their competitors.

Understand The Art of Contrast With Blue Nile


Blue Nile are experts in attracting attention by using the art of contrast. The right contrast between the background, the model’s hand, and the engagement rings attract instant attention. Their eye-catching ads work perfectly on social media, where it can often be difficult to stand out. By using contrasts correctly, your marketing campaigns can successfully stop people scrolling past your ads when they appear on screens.

So you got their attention, now what?

Stand Out From The Competition And Motivate Purchases Like Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth With a Brilliant Advertising Mindset


Once your visuals have caught your audience’s attention, it’s up to your message to drive interest in your products. Brilliant Earth’s message exposes one of their company’s visions — a better world. By purchasing their products, every customer will contribute to this change. Involving customers in the brand’s charitable actions can be an excellent marketing strategy, both promoting their actions and giving customers a reason to buy their products over a competitor. The more reasons you provide the better.

Taylor & Hart provide numerous reasons on their website:

Using Vertical Images and Emotions in Your Advertising Helps You Sell More!

Despite having a focus on charity, Brilliant Earth doesn’t forget that the main goal of an advertising campaign is to attract attention and create emotions. Their visual below is a perfect example.

Some ads can bring you zero sales, while others will help you sell a lot with high profits.

Brilliant Earth Advertising Strategy

Brilliant Earth uses vertical posts that fit well on Instagram and Facebook, standing out from the usual square or portrait orientations, and importantly looking better on smartphones. With more people using smartphones to make purchases than any other screen, boost your sales by optimizing your website and advertising campaigns for smartphone use.

On average over 60% of purchases are made from smartphones.


Like Brilliant Earth, it’s important to use emotions in your ads to achieve high marketing performance. Luxury products rely on emotions to generate desire for their products. Products that fail to evoke this response rarely sell.

Always think about how to evoke emotions using product images, videos, titles, and descriptions on your ads and website as well.

Using An LGBT Marketing Strategy Like Shane Co.

LGBT Marketing Strategy for Engagement Rings


With the first country legalizing same-sex marriage in 2001, the LGBT marriage sector has grown rapidly ever since. This often-overlooked group should be a target demographic for any brand operating in the 29 countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

Lately, interest in the LGBT community has grown significantly, with many companies developing advertising with LGBT elements. The first rule of marketing is to capture attention, and marketing strategies like this certainly do. Unfortunately, your posts may generate both negative and positive reactions, but supporting this community will help you generate greater brand awareness and sell more.

If you combine this marketing strategy with paid advertising, your post may go viral and deliver high traffic to your website at a very low cost.

Advertising Unique Engagement Rings and Product Design With Sofia Zakia

Using Unique Design for Wedding Rings


This jewelry brand, founded in 2016 in Montreal, brings a note of symbolism into its creations. Each product is sold as a piece of art that tells its own story. Stories evoke emotion and emotions sell!

Their ads highlight the unique elements of each piece of jewelry, noting every detail of Sofia’s different styles. The unusual design of the jewelry sells fabulously, and has allowed the brand to become well known in a short period of time. For Sofia, providing products with special designs helps boost their brand awareness and acquire new customers, all with less marketing resources.

People like to feel individual, and much prefer a unique product to one that has saturated the market. If you want your brand to stand out and appeal to people’s desire to be different, you must come up with new, compelling designs.

For most offline and online retailers, it’s a race to the bottom with prices. The more unique your product, the higher price you can command and the greater your profit margins.

The design of the product and the way you present it will always influence its marketing performance.


Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Advertising Offers Exclusive Services and Online Consultation

Tiffany & Co. Exclusive Engagement Ring Advertising


The marketing strategy of Tiffany & Co. is based on the psychological power of exclusivity. The impact of exclusivity on people begins with the Scarcity Principle. The rarer or harder to obtain a product, the higher its value. Rarity arouses a state of curiosity in the audience, generating more interest in your products.

Exclusivity also brings other psychological rewards such as a sense of belonging or importance. Offering these benefits puts the client in an elite group boosting their confidence and your sales.

When your product or service is exclusive, so are its benefits.

De Beers Art Of Creating Relationships With Customers

De Beers Inovative Choice for Weeding Rings


Since 1888, De Beers has been the best-known jewelry company in the UK and beyond. The business has never stopped growing. De Beers always meet customer’s demands and create innovative ideas.

Cultivating and nurturing the relationship with their customers has been one of the most important objectives since its founding. As a result, they retain their customers and their loyal base is constantly growing.

Creating a good relationship with your customers, increases the likelihood of repeat custom. Using modern digital marketing strategies such as Email Marketing, SMS marketing, and Re-Marketing, it’s simple to communicate and keep in touch with your clients. In this way, you’ll encourage brand loyalty which will make a huge difference in this competitive environment.

Statistically speaking, it’s six times more expensive to get new customers than to keep old ones.

Using this as a strategy, not only will you have more repeat customers and higher ROAS, you’ll also boost your word of mouth marketing. Happy customers are ambassadors for your brand, increasing brand awareness and sales at the same time.

The best brand is not one that makes the most profits annually. The best brand is the one known for its brilliant customer service.

Unknown Author

Clean Origin And Their Customer Reviews Advertising

Clean Origin Engagement Ring Advertising


Clean Origin’s marketing strategy promotes customer’s experiences of buying the brand’s jewelry. They highlight customer reviews, short delivery time, and simplicity of the buying process. They also focus on every small detail in order to build the strongest relationship possible with their customers.

With so many products online, and no ability to touch or test them before purchase, customer reviews play a huge role in the online world. Whatever we buy, we first look for other customers’ opinions. According to a recent study, 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family. This is the simplest way to demonstrate the quality of your products and services.

This marketing strategy can bring a huge increase in sales even if your products are the same as your competitors.


David Yurman With Avant-Garde Engagement Ring Design

The Avant-Garde Engagement Ring Ad


Being the first major jeweler to set diamonds in silver, David Yurman continues to offer irresistible products. The avant-garde design of his pieces of art gives the brand the power to sell without investing too much in marketing campaigns. However, this brand has grown over time. Until your products begin to market themselves, your brand should pay attention to creating stand-out products with unique designs. These, in time, may begin to sell themselves.

MiaDonna The World’s Most Ethical Jewelry Company


Since 2005, Anna-Mieke, the Founder of MiaDonna has built maybe the most admired eco-friendly jewelry company in the world. She continues to push boundaries to create a socially responsible diamond industry.

The company’s goal has always been to improve the quality of living for global societies. From using recycled silver and gold, to eliminating their use of single-use products their actions reflect their brand values.

The brand’s marketing strategy is based on transparency, which increases consumer trust for their products, and adds authenticity to their sales messages.

Transparency builds trust, and makes customers feel that they’re buying from a company with higher ethical standards.


Ada – The Master Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds for Engagement Rings


If you want to be successful in the jewelry market, you must create something unique. Ada Diamonds does this very well. According to one recent study, only 45% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 35 said they prefer natural diamonds. The remaining 55% prefer lab-grown diamonds, maybe because they are at least 30% cheaper. One of the few disadvantages of this jewelry is that they cannot be resold at the initial price. However, every product or service comes with pros and cons. Above all, it is important to highlight the advantages. You will climb to the top much faster.

Image source: Leador

If you want to implement any of the above strategies, do not hesitate to contact our marketing team!

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