Social Media Marketing for Jewelry and how User Experience influences ROI

Social media marketing and user experience are strongly connected since user experience will always influence the performance and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Before starting any social media marketing campaigns for jewelry, I suggest investing in your user experience and also have a well-designed eCommerce website.

Research done by Forrester shows that companies that invest in UX see a lower cost per purchase, higher customer return rate, average order value and conversion rates. Also, the experiment result show that for $1 invested in UX, you will earn $100 (which means a staggering 1,000% return on investment). 


User Experience starts with your advertising campaigns and never ends, it’s ongoing process for keeping a high return customer rate. How you can create a better user experience online?

Advertising and social media marketing for jewelry

Do not advertise jewelry products like this using FANCY IMAGES:

Social Media Marketing for Jewelry

Unless you are performing a brand awareness campaign where you trigger a specific feeling (for example hate), or demand attention. You can also express your brand values or respect to LGBT communities like this:

Social Media Marketing for Jewelry

Instead, adveriste like this:

Social Media Marketing for Jewelry

For example, Cartier is focusing more on promoting the watches, because they realized this products generate a higher Return on Advertising Spent.

Ensure that customers can clearly see the PRODUCT or the process of making it. Here are some examples:

If you want to create a better USER EXPERIENCE with your advertising campaigns, focus on advertising products instead of FANCY IMAGES. This way, you can find products that bring a better return on advertising spent. 

Alex Skibinskiy

As previously mentioned, you will see that the products you put in front of your customers will influence your KPI’s like cost per click, cost per add to cart, cost per checkout, cost per purchase, and ROAS, which is impossible to do with Fancy Images.

If you do advertise fancy pictures with no focus on the product itself, like in the example above, you may waste your money. Unless you did it for a specific reason that is also mentioned above.

Secondly, you have to test advertising different products to understand which for better marketing performance.

Best performing social media marketing channels to promote a jewelry or luxury brand

The best marketing channels are the ones where your potential customers spent their time the most. Also, it is the channel that brings a better return on advertising spent.

I suggest starting with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping advertising at the same time.

Once you build a marketing structure that brings you a high ROAS, you can push more money into scaling it. Afterward, you can expand to other channels like Pinterest, Twitter, Native Ads, Youtube Ads, Content Marketing and SEO, and others. To ensure that you cover every channel efficiently, you must have a high marketing budget, otherwise, focus on 1-2 marketing channels and one country at the same time.

How to target audiences wich buys luxury items

Ask yourself – what type of people are buying luxury items from your retail or other traditional channels? And you will find more answers then I will suggest to you right now.

In the luxury niche, we always target high-income audience and we create specific marketing campaigns to our target. The audience in our marketing campaigns is carefully segmented. I always target Doctors, Laywares, University Professors, Politicians, Stars, Top Managers, People interested in activities such as Yachting, Golf, Entrepreneurs, Female Investors, Female Business owner, women interested in other luxury brands like in the example below and so on…

We create separate marketing campaigns for each audience. In this way, you can easily find an audience that brings a higher return on investment so you can focus only on that one while enjoying revenue and profit growth.

Have you heard about 80/20 Pareto principle? It states that 20% of your activities drives the most results and the rest 80% is a waste of resources. The same happens with audience targeting and products, only 20% of them will drive a high return on advertising and spent a business growth. Moreover, it must take only a few months to figure out that 20 % so you can eliminate the rest 80%.

Alex Skibinskiy

Build a marketing structure, don’t simply advertise

90% of luxury and jewelry business that fail usually don’t have any marketing structure. They just run simple advertising campaigns and waiting for a miracle to happen. It will not.

To create a marketing structure, you have to use the latest marketing technologies, analytics, and understand how much you are paying for each KPI.

There is no reason to invest money into a specific marketing campaign if it’s not bringing results in terms of “ATC” (clicks and cost per add to cart). It’s the first sign, that is telling you either can continue to advertise or you stop it since you spend all the profit margin on 0 ATCs. Without a marketing structure and analytics, you can’t track, optimize and prevent your marketing from a failure.

Alex Skibinskiy

Marketing structure, also allows you to create a sophisticated user experience allowing you to communicate better, interact as many times as needed, and easily convert an interested person into a customer.

Online Conversion Rate vs Retail Conversion Rate

Did you try to increase your conversion rate at a retail store? What objections you had to handle to drive more sales? Maybe it’s return issue or it’s a payment plan? Maybe the customer wants to speak with you more to build a relation and then buy something.

If you know the answer, the same principle applies to online. There are many ways to increase online and retail sales, many of them can be found on Google, books, online institutes, and masterclasses.

The conversion rate is responsible for the overall success of your project. A 1% increase in conversion rate can double your revenue with the same marketing budget. Take care of this indicator from day one of your eCommerce journey.

Alex Skibinskiy

MicroCopy and Persuasion

Microcopy like (Free Shipping, One Year Guarantee, and Easy Return) influences conversion rates positively. When you operate a multi-million business every % matters.

Social Media Marketing for Jewelry


Social Media Marketing for Jewelry

Ps. There are many technics like this, I just mentioned 2 of them.

Average Order value

What principles do you apply at your retail store to sell more than 1 item at a time? Apply the same principles online.

For instance, you can show similar products on the product page, together with recently viewed products:

Social Media Marketing for Jewelry
Social Media Marketing for Jewelry

And you can apply also the following principles, like free shipping for orders over 250$ just as an example.

There are many companies that are applying the next 3 sales principles:

1. Cross-Sell
2. UpSell

3. Post-Purchase Upsell

Communicate more to get a higher customer return rate

You need to communicate with every customer, before the order is placed, and after order is received. In that way, you will always keep your customers happy by showing your responsibility and care. In psychology, we call it the principle of reciprocity. They will want to buy from you again and recommend you to your friends. In the end, you will get a higher return on advertising spent. The more happy customer you get the more performant your marketing will be. In the beginning, it is hard, but with the time you will feel the difference just becouse of a higher customer return rate. It really makes a big difference.

In Conclusion.

There are two choices, you can learn in-depth all of the hard and soft skills mentioned in this blog by investing your time and money, and probably it may take 1-3 years and around $300.000 spending in practice so you can understand the effectiveness and apply the theory in practice. The second choice is to hire an expert to speed up the process and save money.

Thank you for reading!

Alexander Skibinskiy

Alexander Skibinskiy is the father of ALLDGT. Over the last 10 years, Alexander has been working in web development, digital marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO, and e-commerce.

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