SEO for Ecommerce – Mejuri Jewelry Brand 600K Visitors a Month

According to Ahrefs, the Mejuri e-commerce brand gets around 600K people monthly organically (Free search engine traffic like Google, Bing, etc).

Mejuri’s estimated annual revenue is currently $64.1M.


Not at all.

Mejuri achieved these results because they had massive support from investors.

Mejuri’s total funding is $28M.

With such a budget, it’s not difficult (Marketingwise) to achieve this growth and numbers for experienced marketing leaders and teams.

SEO for ecommerce

The value of Mejuri’s ORGANIC TRAFFIC (not including other channels) is about $600K. It can be compared with paid traffic. In order to get 1 visitor from paid ads to your website, you have to pay 1$.

This is why 600K visitors = $600K

Be sure that this type of organic traffic from search gives them an x3 return at this moment. Meaning that every month they are getting 1,8Milion in sales from organic traffic or $21M a year. The rest of their revenue suppose to come from paid social media, search engine ads, emails, and influencer partnerships etc.

This is my approx assumption based on real experience working with my own Ecommerce and other brands with similar product price ranges.

The return can be much higher for a brand that sells high-ticket items.

How Long Does It Take to Get SEO Results for ECOMMERCE Business?

SEO for Ecommerce

It took Mejuri roughly 5 years of work and investment to build 600K monthly visitors. Wich will bring crazy returns lifetime. They are still building it. This process never ends. It brings pleasure only after a hard and long period of not seeing big changes.

The Price and Speed of Getting eCommerce SEO Growth Depend on 3 Major Pillars

1. Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy (Blogging)

A blog is a marketing channel. The blog strategy will increase organic traffic and will allow you to do product placement inside your own source of traffic.

The blog aims to convert readers into buyers.

Its performance depends on a number of blogs and backlinks.

On average, every blog can bring 5-10 sales a year and even hundreds if you rank it on the Google first page.

Usually, first sales appear once 100 blogs have been written, posted, and promoted on social media.

Let me repeat again. Every visitor to the blog has a value of 1$.

If you achieve 100K/m of visitors to your blog, means that your traffic values at $100K/m. It’s like investing 100K/m in marketing with zero money.

Do you get it?

The value of organic visitors grows in time because media costs (CPC) are also rising year by year.

To be successful with blogging, you must write content that will be read and distributed. For that, you need a copywriter or ar small army of copywriters with a manager in front.

Usually out of 10 copywriters only 1 will bring you a nice copy style. My advice, try as many copywriters as possible until you find one who writes with passion, and will make even you read that blog from the beginning until the end.

Another rule here is that every blog must be optimized for specific keywords. This means that people must search for it on Google. And again, you can use Ahrefs to come up with keyword ideas for your blog. A keyword can be considered a blog topic in this case.

Even the topic you are reading now is optimized for a keyword, in my case is SEO For Ecommerce, people are searching for it.

2. On SEO Ecommerce Optimization

On SEO Ecommerce optimization means that you optimize your product titles and description for specific searches/keywords.

For instance, this is the wrong title for search engines. Nobody is searching for a product like this: “KORE RING”

SEO mistakes

Instead of [KORE RING] in the title, it’s way more profitable using a Tiny diamond ring, it has search volume and will give you an organic boost, traffic, and return on investment.

Look what Mejuri does. They don’t use FANCY titles. Fancy titles are a pure waste of time and money from an economic point of view. If you want to grow like Mejuri, be smarter:

Seo for ecomerce
Seo for ECommerce
It has volume.

The goal here is to optimize your product and categories for specific searches. Which can be analyzed on Ahrefs. In other words, you can analyze the demand {number of searches for specific product type} and optimize your product pages accordingly.

In order to increase organic traffic to the website product pages and categories, a portfolio of backlinks (Referring domains) is needed.

A backlink from a reputable website gives Google a sign that your website is worth being on the first Google page, which is the end goal of your SEO efforts.

At this moment, Mejuri has over 4k referring domains. One domain can refer to multiple backlinks. The higher the reputation of a domain the better results you will get. For example, Mejuri has backlinks from nytimes.com, forbes.com, shopify.com, etc. The reputation of a domain can be measured at Ahrefs.com, and you also can spy on their portfolio of backlinks so that you can get similar links within your future SEO strategy.

The quality of backlinks matters, if you get spammy backlinks/cheap backlinks, you will get banned and all your SEO efforts are gone. Be careful. Free cheese can only be found inside a trap.

Once you have a backlinks strategy. Your SEO manager can hire a PR agency, together with your own remote assistants who will do outreach and negotiate the price per publishing/mentioning the brand.

Does Social Media Ads Influence SEO Traffic Growth and Ecommerce Revenue?

If you want to grow and scale your eCommerce smart, you will end up doing both: paid ads and SEO. Those are two strategies that influence each other and improve your return on investment. Having this in mind, there is no such thing as like focus on 1 strategy. I don’t believe in it. I believe in multichannel marketing strategies that improve each other.

For example, Mejuri does combine very well, Paid Social Media Ads, Paid Google Ads, SEO, and Influencer Marketing. Don’t think that you will get scalability and high ROAS using just one marketing channel or strategy.

In all the successful cases is a combination of the strategies.

For example, in my family’s E-commerce business, we have 50% of traffic from SEO and 50% from paid social media. And SEO improves our PAID marketing ROAS over time because we are able to utilize all the people who are coming to our website from SEO in our Paid Ads. And vice versa, Social Media Ads help us to boost organic traffic.

See ROAS progress:


If you combine paid advertising with SEO you will get the highest possible return from digital marketing!

I’m adept at connecting marketing channels. The most successful brands I’m working on/consulting are using multichannel marketing.

The main goal is to connect marketing channels with each other and make them work as one army that brings your growth and value over time.

An army starts with one man.

If you are ready to scale your business to at least 1M+ a year, better 1M+ per month, apply to work with my team and me at https://calendly.com/alldgt/strategy-call.

Alexander Skibinskiy

Alexander Skibinskiy is the father of ALLDGT. Over the last 10 years, Alexander has been working in web development, digital marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO, and e-commerce.

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