Pearl Jewelry Marketing Mikimoto Brand Mistakes

When it comes to PEARLS… Mikimoto America /MIKIMOTO UK is the brand that comes first. But even they make advertising mistakes. Can you spot what is wrong with that image? (See the screenshot from Facebook Feed) Probably not. Even their marketing team can’t spot it… Why should you, right?

Pearl Jewelry Marketing

This image is a bad choice for advertising online. Just some pearls… As a potential client, I will scroll down the newsfeed. This image doesn’t evoke emotions or interest to explore more. As a result of it, their CTR – CLICK TROUGH RATE will be below average.

CTR helps you to understand how good is your creative. It helps you to predict THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR INVESTMENT!

Also, as a rule, the HIGHER THE CTR, the LESS you will pay per click and per client acquisition. And vice versa, if your CTR is LOW, the more you will pay per click and client acquisition.

Pearl Jewelry Marketing and Advertising Performance:

Here is a screenshot of an advertising campaign (See the photo with the analytics). On top of it, I have creatives that get more attention. They have a higher CTR. As a result, I pay less per click and client acquisition. On the bottom, I have creative with low CTR, and I pay more for click and client acquisition:

Pearl Jewelry Marketing

I just browsed Mikimoto’s Instagram page and, in 3 seconds, found a better alternative that will improve their marketing performance and CTR. (See the screenshot from Instagram)

Pearl Jewelry Marketing

You can forward it to Mikimoto executives so that they can stop burning their money and increase their marketing performance by X2-x3 at least.

You can forward(or tag) it to your marketing team so that they FOLLOW THIS RULE. Be very strict about this. Do not allow your marketing team to waste your hardworking money in that way.

I know, it’s hard for someone to pick up a high CTR creative, it takes years of experience to develop a feeling for it. But at least do your best to achieve the highest possible CTR. Especially now that you know the importance of it.

PS. The reason I refuse to work with the majority of businesses is becouse I don’t believe in their product and aesthetics. I know that if I onboard someone with bad creative or aesthetics that doesn’t attract my attention, the chances that we will fail together are high. So I only select businesses with nice images and aesthetics or the ability to create and invest in aesthetics with high CTR. So that we have a high chance to succeed online.

Ahh… by the way, this advice has value. The value of advice like this equals millions for a brand like Mikimoto.

I wish you all HIGH CTR!!! # #marketing#digitalmarketing#jewelry#pearls # #brand#creative#analytics#money#investment

Alexander Skibinskiy

Alexander Skibinskiy is the father of ALLDGT. Over the last 10 years, Alexander has been working in web development, digital marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO, and e-commerce.

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