15 Jewelry Advertisement Video Examples From Successful Brands

Many jewelry brands spend a lot of money and time on their product and lifestyle photography. This ensures that the photos represent their brand and depict it attractively. Yet, most don’t invest as much into jewelry advertisement video, which can communicate a brand even better than photos.

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, while in 2015, only 78% of marketers felt that video was an important part of their marketing strategy, in 2020, that number grew to 92%. It means that video marketing really matters. Furthermore, 88% of marketers say that video marketing provides them with a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Build More Relationships Founded On Trust

To be a successful and memorable jewelry brand, you must focus on building a true connection with your ideal customer. Also inspiring them to feel emotion, whether it’s admiration, desire, delight, or awe. If the potential buyer is scrolling past your post at full speed, then you will struggle to reach him.

The video invites people to slow down and take a moment to savor the content, especially if it’s interesting and unique. Video can draw the consumer into a story, and it can also serve to educate and inform. This also allows the consumer to spend more time with you.

Examples of Video Advertisement Ideas From Different Brands

#1 Milly Grace Advertisement Ideas

For the first example, we have the Milly Grace video advertisement on Facebook. This video shows the new jewelry designs displayed on a model.

Jewelry advertisement videos offer you the best opportunity to try to prove your creativity, applied in making every jewelry design. The viewers will find out the uniqueness in your pieces. This is what Milly Grace does. With the help of a model, they display the collection of earrings in a soft, delicate, and detailed manner. Adding at the end a Call To Action “Find Jewelry As Unforgettable As You At Milly Grace.”

In other words, you can create separate videos for each of the types of products. You may have designed pendants, necklaces, bangles, rings, etc. Post these videos regularly, and it will attract the interest of viewers for your products. By watching videos, the viewers can see the shape and design of the pieces.

#2 Edge Of Ember Advertisement Example

Edge of Ember uses the same idea as the brand before. They keep it simple, displaying collections of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracers on models. The models in the video have a good time and smile alongside holiday music in the background. This brings good vibes to viewers and makes them learn more about the collection displayed.

#3 James Allen Rings Jewelry Ads That Work

Most of the jewelry sellers enjoy the highest sale rate during the wedding season. Take this advantage by posting your video advertisements. More potential customers will know about your business, and this increases the chances of a higher sale rate.

James Allen Rings example is on point with wedding seasons. Also, this video advertisement has a funny note in it. It shows, in a humorous way, how important is to select the right wedding ring. The future wife will show everyone her wedding ring, starting with her mother, father, neighbors, and even a cat. So, according to James Allen Rings, “It batter be a kick-ass ring”.

Original and, from time to time, fun ideas will capture your prospect’s attention, even more, so don’t be afraid to try something like this on your brand too.

#4 Moonglow Jewelry Video Advertisement Idea

According to Trustpilot, 88% of consumers believe ads are more trustworthy via online reviews. With this proof point, it’s easy to see how trust signals like star ratings, reviews, and testimonials fit in.

Moonglow Jewelry added reviews in their product video to enable customers to tell their own stories. In other words, this validates customer experience and builds trust.

#5 Nickel and Suede Video Advertisement Example

Nickel and Suede display a new collection in their own unique way. The quote used by them is “Wild at heart, wild in soul, wild & free🌼🌸”. The video gives good vibes throughout the advertisement. This will entice their target audience to find out more about the new collection.

#6 Dune Jewelry Example

Dune Jewelry focuses on empathy and creating bonds between people. All this with help from the collections of jewelry and video advertisement.

“Tangible reminders of precious memories”. This quote encourages clients to try the products and experience feelings of love, traveling, and making bonds. And, most important, to remember them.

#7 Monica Vinader Ideas

Most of the women have a dream of owning beautiful gold, diamond, or platinum jewelry. But, price prevents them from buying ornaments. So, when your store offers a discount on pieces of jewelry, the products become affordable to them.

That is what Monica Vinader is doing in her jewelry advertisement videos. By posting on social media, jewelry video ads will get more views. The latest news on discount offers will please most of the potential buyers. They will become more interested in your store and products.

#8 Luv Aj Example

Luv Aj keeps it simple, focusing only on the display of glamorous earrings with a short video ad. Sometimes simple is better than complex content, and enough to attract clients into shopping on your website.

#9 Jennifer Zeuner Example

Jenniffer Zeuner attracts attention with a beautiful model wearing a piece of their collection. This will attract viewers to buy the product, or thinking about giving it as a gift to their loved ones.

#10 BaubleBar Video Advertisement Idea

In this video, we have something interesting that will entice even more potential customers to buy. BaubleBar has a collaboration with Disney. By creating accessories with well known Disney figures, such as Minnie or Mickey Mouse, will result in potential customers to be even more interested to try the products. In other words, collaborations are another good idea to grow your sales even more.

#11 Gorjana Example

We have another simple example of displaying a new collection with beautiful models to stir up interest from potential customers. They explain that by trying the pieces of jewelry, the customer will always love and mix them every day.

#12 Ana Luisa Example

A good example of how to use reviews in your jewelry advertisement videos from the Ana Luisa brand. A good review from a very pleased customer alongside a nice display of products. Simple and efficient.

#13 Mejuri Video Advertisement Example

Modern customers are always conscious of the quality of every product. So, they look for long-lasting, authentic pieces of jewelry. With your digital videos, you can state everything about your jewelry. You may add the details on the materials, used for the videos.

Be sure that you have used original materials for designing all the videos. Use these words to advertise jewelry products: Lustrous sheen, durable, solid, high-quality finishes, handcrafted. In the example above, Merijuri used “handcrafted” and “solid” for its product.

#14 Third Crown Example

Third Crown uses models to illustrate the relationship between a woman and a man. They promote gifting jewelry pieces to a loved one, and by that, the relationship grows stronger. This will attract men to the website to find the perfect luxurious gift.

#15 Auvere Video Advertisement Example

Auvere displays the collection of jewelry in a dynamic way using models that dance and change clothes and jewelry fast. This is a way to grab attention and make the potential buyer stay and stir curiosity.


In conclusion, now that you know about the benefits of video marketing, and also have ideas from different brands, try using social media and other advertisement platforms for posting your jewelry videos ads. In other words, spread the name of your jewelry brand with video marketing, and make enjoyable, informative, and entertaining videos on your jewelry products starting now!

If you found this article useful and interesting but need help with implementing new marketing ideas and strategies, contact our team now and we will be more than happy to help you!

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