Facebook B2B Marketing and Advertising to Specific B2B businesses

Dear Business B2B business owners and managers who want to use Facebook B2B marketing. I prepared this post for you and I will cover the following:

1. How exactly to target-specific industry B2B businesses owners using Facebook Advertising.
2. B2B Marketing mistakes to avoid. If you will skip this, you will lose money on advertising.
3. B2B Facebook best practices and how b2b companies use Facebook.
4. Facebook B2B examples of advertising.
5. Facebook B2B Marketing Budget.

Before we start talking about facebook b2b marketing strategies, let me answer a few most common questions:

Does Facebook work for b2b marketing?

The short answer is YES. In comparison with LinkedIn and Google Adwords for B2B, Facebook is much cheaper for acquiring B2B deals.

What is the average b2b cost per lead facebook?

5$-20$ is considered an excellent result for B2B use facebook ads. 20-35$ is normal. Above 55$, you have to worry about your cost per lead. Something wrong with your marketing strategy, structure and targeting. Targeting is 70% is responsible for your cost per LEAD. The rest of 30% is your creative and offer. Here is an example of a B2B marketing campaign addressed to jewellery Businesses Owners. B2B Facebook cost per lead

What is a good CPC on Facebook ads b2b?

Depends on many factors. But those are the stats I have for today, before black Friday, in Q4, when the costs per click are x3-x5 higher than usual. The prices are almost the same when advertising for B2B in USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and EUROPE:

1. How to target-specific industry B2B business owners or demographic on facebook

If you are a software company and you want to target accountants, no problem! If you are a shipping company and you want to target eCommerce businesses no problem! I will show how to target B2B businesses from the following industries:

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Medicine
Apparel & Fashion
Architecture & Planning
Arts & Crafts
Aviation & Aerospace
Broadcast Media
Building Materials
Business Supplies & Equipment
Capital Markets
Civic & Social Organization
Civil Engineering
Commercial Real Estate
Computer & Network Security
Computer Games
Computer Hardware
Computer Networking
Computer Software
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Goods
Consumer Services
Defense & Space
Education Management
Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Environmental Services
Events Services
Executive Office
Facilities Services
Financial Services
Fine Art
Food & Beverages
Food Production
Gambling & Casinos
Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
Government Administration
Government Relations
Graphic Design
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Higher Education
Hospital & Health Care
Human Resources
Import & Export
Individual & Family Services
Industrial Automation
Information Services
Information Technology & Services
International Affairs
International Trade & Development
Investment Banking/Venture
Investment Management
Law Enforcement
Law Practice
Legal Services
Legislative Office

Leisure & Travel
Logistics & Supply Chain
Luxury Goods & Jewelry
Management Consulting
Marketing & Advertising
Market Research
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Media Production
Medical Device
Medical Practice
Mental Health Care
Mining & Metals
Motion Pictures & Film
Museums & Institutions
Nonprofit Organization Management
Oil & Energy
Online Publishing
Package/Freight Delivery
Packaging & Containers
Paper & Forest Products
Performing Arts
Political Organization
Primary/Secondary Education
Professional Training
Program Development
Public Policy
Public Relations
Public Safety
Railroad Manufacture
Real Estate
Facilities & Services
Religious Institutions
Renewables & Environment
Security & Investigations
Sporting Goods
Staffing & Recruiting
Think Tanks
Translation & Localization
Venture Capital
Wine & Spirits
Writing & Editing
and others.

There are more ways to do it. I will share just 3 of them. Two are based on Facebook B2B targeting only. The third one will be a combination of LinkedIn and Facebook. This is the most powerful to get high-quality B2B leads from facebook.

Native B2B Targeting On Facebook:

Facebook B2B marketing

As you see, here I target potential managers from the Transportation industry. You can play with the targeting depends on your specific services or narrowing it further using “Narrow Further button”. The same strategy applies to all industries.

Here is another example of the same principles we can apply for Ecommerce B2B targeting on Facebook:

Facebook B2B marketing

I targeted eCommerce Platforms, Ecommerce payment systems and General Ecommerce Interest. Further, I narrowed it down, for better B2B matching.

Facebook B2B Ads with Lookalike B2B demographics

Another, more sophisticated options, is officially called LOOKALIKE audience. You can call it a similar or custom audience.

Facebook has an excellent algorithm that will make you similar audiences based on different interactions.

Those are custom audiences that were interacting with your business at different levels:
– You can create B2B audiences based on people interacting with your Facebook or Instagram Page.
– You are able to create Facebook B2B Lookalike audiences based on People that were visiting your website or a specific page.
– You will be able to create similar audiences based on actions your B2B customer made, like press Contact Us button, or add to cart button.
– Based on your customer database or email database.

and many others. Let me show you an example of how I use it:

B2B Demographic Targeting Using Facebook + LinkedIn

This is a long run.
1. And we need at the beginning create LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign and generate at least 200 leads. The cheapest way to do it on Linkedin is to advertise a REPORT or a CASE STUDY. Facebook needs more data to optimize your audience properly.
2. Export the data from LinkedIn and Import it to Facebook:

Exporting from Facebook:
Linkedin and Facebook B2B marketing

Import to Facebook:
Facebook B2B marketing

3. Create a lookalike audience based on this data.

4. Use those audiences in your advertising. I recommend using just first 3 audiences 1%, 1% to 2%, and 2% to 3%. The rest is also worth testing.
5. Enjoy more sales, high quality leads at the lowest possible cost:

This a marketing campaign I’m using to advertise my B2B webinar. Here my goal is to get the lowest cost per complete registration event.

What are the benefits of such B2B advertising and targeting of Lookalike audiences?
– This strategy is used for Scaling your business or reach more and higher quality B2B customers, while with standard targeting it will not be possible.
– The lowest customer acquisition cost.

2. Facebook Marketing Mistakes to avoid, if not, you will lose money.

Not having a marketing structure:

Fragment from my FREE B2B marketing Training

3. Facebook best practices for B2B and how B2B companies use facebook:

  1. Don’t advertise without marketing structure.
  2. Exclude women or man depends on the industry. One gender at a time when doing B2B.
  3. Targeting by a specific age. 30-55 years old.
  4. Start with only 1 placement. Facebook newsfeed only.
  5. Stat with Testing different 2-3 different copy/images/videos for the ads.
  6. Make sure your landing page is working properly on mobile.
  7. Don’t target just by Desktop. Use bot Mobile and Desktop.
  8. Use remarketing campaigns for Engagers and Website visitors
  9. Run-Value ads instead of Direct Service advertising.
  10. Run Video Ads and Retarget those who watched 50% of the video with and offer.

4. Facebook and Youtube B2B examples of powerful advertising.

Could have skipped this B2B advertising, but I didn’t.

Video is the most effective instruments to create brand awareness. I strongly suggest using video at the top of your marketing structure! If you want to know how to use videos in a B2B marketing Structure that 100% works. Please read here the exact strategy for B2B video marketing:

>> Effective B2B Marketing Strategy using Facebook and Youtube VIDEO <<

Do you like how they tell a story and at the same time sell the product by showing the problem-solving solutions?

5. Facebook B2B Marketing Budget

On some of my business/projects, I spent every penny, 100% of the profit, just to get business some traction. The industry standard is 20% from revenue, you have to allocate to all marketing channels among which Facebook as well. SALESFORCE a B2B SOFTWARE spends 48% of their 10.5 billion revenue in marketing as an example.

In conclusion:

Don’t listen to any who are telling Facebook doesn’t work. It works, but you must have a marketing structure in place. Ok? Without marketing structure, you will have low performance, high cost per lead and low or negative RETURN on Advertising Spent.

Alexander Skibinskiy

Alexander Skibinskiy is the father of ALLDGT. Over the last 10 years, Alexander has been working in web development, digital marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO, and e-commerce.


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