B2B Marketing and how to invest £254 and earn £60.000 in 7 days

254 invested and 60.000 in Sales in 7 days.

Recently I become a paid member of Young Business Club (London), where I had the opportunity to meet businesses owners. I even started working with a few of them, and we already have excellent results coming from marketing, and I want to share them with you.

The story is about Alexey Prepelita and Oleg Nastas, the co-founders of AironTeam Ltd, a company specialising in HVAC services in the London, UK. As you already know from the title, I’m going to talk about how we get £60.000 in revenue within 7 days, spending just £267 in marketing. It’s only a part of the income from marketing activities attributed to Google Phone Calls Marketing Campaign that we started at the beginning of this month.

It’s not a stroke of luck. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took me a few months to nail the process, study a lot about the client market and figure out what works through various tests, data interpretation and optimization.

From the beginning, we decided to start with Facebook and Instagram, where we are getting B2B getting leads for about 140$ per lead on average, but the results are not consistent.

New problem. How to create a consistent flow of B2B deals?

To get consistent results, I had to test different hypotheses inside one single channel, then test new marketing channels. The more I experimented, the better the results I got. It means a lower cost per lead, lower cost per customer acquisition, higher return on advertising spet, better clients.

B2B Marketing

As you see, there are over 83 advertisings with different creatives and format, different audiences I had to test for Aironteam Ltd. It’s just for Facebook and Instagram. 

Lesson: Be patient, consistent and stubborn at the same time. Figure out what works best FOR YOU NICHE and capitalize on it. If you tried to create ONE single ad and let it run without seeing results, then of course marketing is not working for you…

Sometimes I have to experiment thousands of ads to make sure I’m getting the best possible results. Marketing is like a getting good shape, you have to be consistent, stubborn, and it takes time. Magic comes with time. When I say magic, I mean a constant flow of B2B clients.

Back to the subject, Facebook and Instagram were not capable of delivering us the consistent flow of leads from London, UK, and the reach fo the platform and targeting location.

I have to solve this problem, so I started to test Google PPC and to pay for the traffic from Google Search and send it the homepage, which is acting as a landing page.

First test…. £617 per lead, almost 5-x expensive than Facebook and Instagram. It was expensive (for my client) to test this strategy, plus website was not converting at the level I wanted it to convert, and I will explain below why…

I was aiming at least for 4 leads. So, I paused this campaign, until we have enough budget to experiment with this option and more landing pages instead of one homepage.

Website must have separate landing pages for each service you offer. In our case, I needed landing pages for every service company offers instead of sending traffic to a homepage. So I suggested to develop them.

For examples:
HVAC for Restaurants – Separate landing page.
HVAC for commercial properties – Separate landing pages.
Residential HVAC – Separate landing page.
HVAC design – Separate landing page.

44% of B2B businesses direct their users to the homepage instead of the landing page. Using homepage as landing page is not a good solution. Special B2B landing page conversion rates are much higher, so please make sure you have separate landing pages for each service you offer.

Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less (Source)
Maybe this is getting overstated at this point, but more is always better with landing pages.

Further, I started to test another option inside Google, that is called Phone Calls and we started to get consistent leads, just in 7 days we got 20 calls, which resulted in 60.000 in revenue :>

B2B Marketing
254 invested and 60.000 in Sales in 7 days.

In our case, the combination of Facebook, Instagram and Google Phone Calls ensures a consistent flow of new clients AironTeam can Handle, but there was a period when they were not able to handle the leads and asked me to pause marketing campaigns.

You may also ask…

How to scale a B2B business, to get even better results?

You can achieve even better results by using OMNICHANNEL marketing – a combination of marketing channels, mainly when limited by location and reach, in our case, it was only for London based businesses. And of course, figuring out what works for each channel separately. 

Below are my favourite marketing channels:

1. Facebook and Instagram

As you know, Facebook acquired Instagram many years ago, so now you can create marketing campaigns for both platforms in one single place. You have many options you can use to build your B2B marketing funnel, that will allow you to create entire sales funnel: brand awareness, interest, purchase and of course, repetition/brand advocacy.

2. Youtube Video Ads

You can show your video ads to a specific audience. Did you ever search something on youtube and afterwards you started seeing adverts related to the search intent? I do a lot. It’s is called custom audience targeting, and you can do it for your business as well. For example, let’s suppose you are a construction company, offering renovation services. Your custom audience will be everyone who searched in google for terms like room renovation, home renovation, loft extension etc.

3. Content Marketing + SEO

Content marketing means creating and posting topics in different formats. Video, blog posts, social media post and podcasts. It works, but again, if you did just a few blog posts and didn’t get results, you start blaming marketing. It’s not a way to get results.

Below is an example of how 750 blogs generated over 1000 B2B leads in 1 year, and 600 of them become customers. Please tell me that content marketing is not working, only after you’ll create over 100 blog posts/videos. Then I’ll believe you.

SEO is optimizing your content, and make it easy for the target audience to discover it. Every content you produce must have a demand, must be searched on Google and other search engine systems. You can check this demand using keyword research tools like www.keywordiotool.io. Based on the market demand, you create a content strategy that 100% will be consumed by targeting the audience.

4. LinkedIn Ads

Probably one of the best way to get high-quality B2B leads. It’s expensive, but it’s worth to invest in businesses with high LTCV.

Linkedin Lead Generation Target

5. Google Display Ads

Figure out where your target audience is spending time online and “attack” with a Google Display ads campaign. Google allows you to create an audience of people who visited specific web pages. Use this audience in your marketing campaigns.

6. Google Search Ads and Googe Phone Calls

Probably one of the best channels for B2B, the first one requires the right amount of landing pages, and the second one involves someone excellent on closing the deals on the phone.

Google Search Ads
Google Phone Ads

7. Other channels to use:
Amazon Advertising, Pinterest Ads, Twitter Ads and Native Ads.

You never know which one will bring better results untill you test and see.

It’s all about omnichannel marketing:

Want to get continues flow of B2B clients? Omnichannel marketing is a solution for you! In some cases, it is the only way to get a consistent flow of new clients.

How much to invest? First, think about LTCV.

LTCV comes from Lifetime customer value. Which means the amount of money a potential client can generate to your business during his lifetime by ordering your product, service, or even recommend you to others.

Once you will start thinking about it, it will change your mindset, so you can start investing enough money in marketing to ensure a consistent flow of new B2B deals.

Recently I had a dialogue with a potential client and I asked:

– What is your average order value?
– Well, it’s about 1500 pounds, and how many times a customer order from you per month or per year?
– We charge this price as a recurring fee every month.
– And how much you want to invest in getting a customer like that?
– Well, about 120-150 Pounds.
– So, a customer brings to you about 18000 pounds each year, and you want to invest only 150 to acquire one?
– But how much I need to invest?
– I consider that 20% from 18000, which will be 3600 pounds…
– Fair enough.
– How many customers are you able to handle?
– Well, I need 200 customers this year.
– And how long a customer stays with you, usually? If there are no issues… forever.
– Are you willing to invest 720.000 pounds in marketing to get 200 clients?
– 720.000 is too much, but if we’ll see positive results in the first month I think 500.000 is reasonable for us.

Now if we do the math, 200 X 18.000 = 3.600.000 in Revenue in 1 year. Taking consideration that a client stays forever and the real LTCV is much more than 18000 pounds. I did the math just for one year.

In conclusion.

Know your lifetime customer value. Set up your marketing goals and budget based on your clients LTCV. Use multi-channel marketing to create a consistent flow of B2B leads.

Alexander Skibinskiy

Alexander Skibinskiy is the father of ALLDGT. Over the last 10 years, Alexander has been working in web development, digital marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO, and e-commerce.

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