Facebook CBO and How to Scale with Campaign Budget Optimization

Many people are asking what is the best way to scale with CBO or just How to use Facebook CBO. Below I will show proven way on how to Scale a Facebook campaign with Campaign Budget Optimization feature. The same strategy also can be used for switching to CBO optimization already existent campaign.
I started to test Facebook CBO on LLA audience from ATC. The product is not a winning one, but it works.
I created a campaign with the CBO – Purchase Objective.
30 Adstets, each LLA from 1% to 10% is divided by placement.
For examples:
1% LLA Fb Mobile
1% LLA Insta,
1% Laa Desktop etc.
For each ad set, I have a rule to not spent more than 20$.

After a few days, from 30 sets I found that 8 are doing well, see photo.


I conclusion, I recommend:
1. Use max spent rule for each adset.
2. Don’t let the facebook to make the test automatically. It will spread the budget to only a few adsets so you will not be able to find more wining adsets.
2. Turn off adsets that are not giving you positive ROAS.
3. Slowly increase maximum spent for adsets with positive ROAS, if it stops performing bring it back to 20$.


Best regards,
Alexander Skibinskiy

Alexander Skibinskiy

Alexander Skibinskiy is the father of ALLDGT. Over the last 10 years, Alexander has been working in web development, digital marketing consulting, B2B sales, SEO, and e-commerce.

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