In a span of five years, web design has shifted to a more visually oriented trend. In fact, comparing current designs with those from 4-5 years ago, you will notice a difference in the use of illustrations 30% of the time.


People have always been attracted to storytelling, whether descriptive or visual. In our case study, we chose illustrative/visual storytelling to target the visual. This is because viewers connect with illustrated narratives much faster and more easily.

These are the very same techniques that companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, The Economist, Slack and many others employ for better conversions.

ALLDGT’s Creative Director Lina Leusenko who is expert in digital art help companies to increase Brand Awareness by making the product or service look premium. You can easily beat competitors by providing the memorable experience your visitors cannot forget. If you can keep your brand in their memory, you’ve already won them over.  

We create digital illustration for websites…

…article illustrations…

…poster designs…

…digital animations…

…and many more!

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