Ecommerce store with subscription revenue model.

JavaPura is a leading speciality coffee seller in the USA. They approached us in search for a reliable partner who will help relaunch the brand online with a fresh modern look. We helped them optimise the conversion process, design & build a subscription model and offer a great development support & maintenance.

Client: JavaPura Coffe Shop
Website: javapura.com
Services: Website Design, UX, UI, Web Development
Creative director: Eugen Esanu
Web Design
Support & Enhancement

Javapura.com was made, in collaboration with laroche.co, by a team of 4 people. Fully functional E-commerce coffee shop with costume design and coffee subscription model of revenue was delivered to the client in 3 months.

Sketching & wireframing was one of the essential steps of our process that allowed to deliver great and fast solutions to current company business needs. The wireframes have been delivered in the first 3 days thus the client could have a sense of how the shop would look like.


Brand & Product photography have a been a key part of this collaboration with JavaPura.


The main goal of the product page is to tell the story of each product in a beautiful manner but also remain informative. After numerous versions, we found a good fit between information and storytelling.


The subscription model was designed by us which allowed JavaPura to sell coffee as a subscription. After a couple of user tests, we came up with a process that allows easily to order a coffee and receive it on a weekly or monthly basis. Also, we designed an easy client management tool that allows cancelling the subscription with ease.


When approaching the checkout process we had in mind only one thing: it should not be a pain in the ass to buy a coffee. We made checkout as a guest a default option which increased the sales by 5.35%.


Mobile optimised website avoid you from a huge risk of losing valuable customers. In fact, in comparing desktop to mobile usage of surfing the internet – mobile usage trumps desktop. Given the moving fast-paced society in which we live, this makes sense.

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